Sunlight Privacy Fence Installation tips

(These are intended as a guide and each railing installation may require some extra steps)

Posts, the posts are the first thing to be installed

  • Layout fence post locations, be sure that the posts are not spaced longer than
    the rails supplied with your fence. Keep in mind that the rail must sit inside the
    post at least 1” or more. Shorter sections can be trimmed shorter.
  • Dig holes of appropriate size and depth for the fence that you are installing.
  • Secure post in ground using concrete or a tamping method. Be sure that you
    set the height of the post at this time. You can insert the top rail to aid in the
    determination of the post height.
  • Allow cement to cure for one day before installing rails and fence boards.

Bottom Rail

  • Install bottom rail first.
  • Insert black spring clips into the end of the rail, so that clips sticks out
    through the holes. If no holes are present, create them drilling a ½” hole.

Fence Boards

  • Insert the first fence board with U-channel attached to one side into the slot in
    the bottom rail. It does not matter which side the U-channel is on..
  • Lock the next fence board to the first by sliding it down from the top. Install
    the remainder of boards using this method.
  • The last board will more than likely have to be trimmed to fit. Measure the
    remaining distance and cut. Be sure that you cut the right side off, so that you can
    still attach the cut piece to the previous board.
  • Place U-channel along the cut edge and install the board.

Top Rail

  • Slide top rail on along the top edge of the fence boards.
  • Push one end of the rail into the post, far enough that the other end bypasses
    the opposite post.
  • Then slide the rail back into the opposite post.
  • Use a screw on the inside of post to secure rail from moving.


  • Install caps