Designer Line Instruction Guide


STEP #1 – FRAMEWORK: Framework must be cut back 1½”-2″ which will allow Deck to overhang. Framework must be pitched 1″ per 10 feet to allow for water runoff. Floor joists are to be installed 16″ O/C.

STEP #2 – If your deck is running parallel with the house use starter strip, caulking back pushing against house and screwing down through pre-drilled holes. If C-Channel is being used and deck is running away from the house, caulk back of C-Channel and screw to house.

STEP #3 – Insert first piece of decking either into starter strip or slide into C-Channel allowing 1½”-2″ overhang. Measure and square up deck so overhang is equal on both sides & front. Insert screws in both ends and snap chalk line so the first piece is straight. Insert balance of screws in first piece then simply drop next piece in and lock down and continue until surface of deck is complete.

STEP #4 – Finish deck by installing C-Channel around outside perimeter of Deck.

NOTE: For best water shedding ability, deck must be ran out from the house, pitched properly and each board must be caulked with Geo-Cell.